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A Canadian Nonprofit Employer of Choice™, we pride ourselves on a strong reputation for excellence. Our work environment is community-oriented, warm and inclusive. Appreciation is embedded into our culture and staff feel valued for their contributions.

Louis Brier has dedicated leaders who are available and responsive to our needs. An HR Coordinator is devoted to promoting our health, wellness, and engagement. An Infection Control Practitioner helps keep us safe. Everyone is committed to quality and safety and it shows.

By enhancing funding that enriches the quality of life for our residents, the Louis Brier Foundation truly sets our organization apart. State of the art equipment, music and entertainment, culture and education, are all generously funded through the Louis Brier Foundation and this greatly improves work life.

Providing outstanding care is not always easy but making a difference feels good. Working at Louis Brier gives us a feeling of purpose and a sense of belonging. It’s more than a way of working, it’s a way of life.

Be yourself and feel a sense of belonging within a team that embraces differences.
Contribute to an award-winning organization that recognizes passionate and hardworking employees.
Engage within our community and thrive in an unbeatable work culture that celebrates LIFE.
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The Resident Assessment Instrument - Minimum Data Set (RAI-MDS) Coordinator reports to the Director Resident Care and supports Louis Brier Home and Hospital, and Weinberg Residences’ (LBHH & WR) Mission, Vision, and Values to become a centre of excellence for elders providing innovation and outstanding care consistent with Jewish values and traditions.

The RAI-MDS Coordinator is responsible for working with a multidisciplinary team, including physicians, nurses, Recreation, Rehab, Pharmacists, Food Services, Dietitian, Social Worker and other health professionals as well as ensuring that data generated from RA-MDS are accurate, complete, timely and relevant for making decisions and for supporting clinical and operational quality improvement activities This position implements and facilitates the audit and reporting processes for VCH-RAI Team, CCRS and CIHI, in accordance with established standards and professional requirements. [SC1]

Supports the organization in generating accurate, complete, relevant and timely data from RAI-MDS.
Create a monthly calendar schedule for each unit- must be posted on each unit first of the month
Every Monday, open due MDS (make sure to open after the Observation period)
Change the ARD date under A3- follow the Observation period on calendar (7-day Observation Period, Sun-Mon). Send email to Interdisciplinary Team
Check MDS that are completed - do a quick audit if coded correctly, cross check with Progress notes and eMAR during the Observation Period. If there is any correction, inform the Primary nurse and provide 1:1 education. Provide reference material if needed.

Prepares a RAI-MDS Audit Plan and conducts audit. Prepares audit reports with corrective actions and recommendations for improvement.
Check MDS that are completed – check if coded correctly, cross check with Progress notes and eMAR during the Observation Period. If there is any corrections, inform the Primary nurse and / or allied health and provide 1:1 education.
Provide reference material if needed.
Conduct education to nurses based on results of audits
Develop tracking and reporting system as a measure of compliance to RAI-MDS Coding rules

Prepares and submits various reports required by CIHI and ensures accuracy of data prior to submission. Make necessary corrections when needed.
Submit files to CCRS / CIHI - every Friday
Note the batch number which will be used in retrieving the reports
Check CIHI notifications via email (every Wednesday) - log in to CIHI to retrieve reports and check if there is any rejected files for corrections. Print out reports and file in to CIHI reports binder
After retrieving the reports, log in to PCC-MDS, go to the MDS batches to Accept/Reject, and Save.
Do the necessary corrections and then resubmit files. (check the MDS Resource binder for reference in correcting rejected files)
Prepares and submits various reports required by VCH and ensures accuracy of data prior to submission. Make necessary corrections when needed.
EPAIRS report – discharged residents (data needed; Res HRN, GP, Adm. Date, date of conversation of Palliative focus with family/GP, date of death). Submit to Nurse Manager, every first of the month
Facility Data Report- monthly reports for Hospital Transfers (ER Visits and admission) and # of Deaths (Facility & Hospital). Include Medical Professionals Resident Listing Report for the month. Submit to Nurse Manager every first of the month
Prepares and submits various reports required by LBHH and ensures accuracy of data prior to submission. Make necessary corrections when needed.
Quality Indicators Monthly Report-
Hospital Transfers
Quarterly Reports
Outcome Scales
Case Mix Index
Resident Turn Around
Resident on antipsychotic without related diagnosis
# of Residents with 7.5 % weight loss
# Residents Immunized for Flu (Oct-Dec)
Census– Social Worker to discharge Resident on Census, if missed– discharge resident
Close Care Plan(Decease/Discharged)
MDS– complete Discharge Assessment and export to CIHI
Observation Tool- put on the start date of the observation period which starts on the 4th day to 10th day, and inform the nurse to fill the form to use for MDS coding.
Check Resident information- ensure all log in to PCC for MDS submissions (under Demographic data)
Performs analysis of data by looking at trends and correlation, then presents the results to Operations and/or Senior Leadership teams to derive decisions and highlight opportunities for quality improvements.
Keeps abreast of benchmarks and best practices relevant to the data collected by the facility.
Collaborates with the Nursing Team and Allied Health Team to achieve compliance to RAI-MDS assessments that are accurate and timely.
Coordinates with Nurse Manager on report requirements and other matters related to data submission and analysis.
Performs related duties, as required.

At minimum, completion of a diploma in Nursing (LPN).
Up to five (5) years of relevant experience in a clinical practice capacity
Proficient with use of functionality of PCC database.
Certified/Proficient in RAI-MDS – Relias Certification
Demonstrates strong leadership and motivational skills
Is client service oriented, with the ability to effectively work with diversity and appreciates that people with different opinions, backgrounds and characteristics bring richness to the challenge or situation at hand.
Excellent auditing skills and attention to details.
Excellent in understanding, analyzing and correlating data then presenting to Operations and / or Senior Leadership the results of analysis.
Excellent skills in recognizing, analyzing and resolving problems.
Effective organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills.
Excellent decision making skills with the ability to form/defend independent judgements and to use good judgement in assessing difficult situations.
Ability to work effectively and demonstrates composure under pressure/stressful conditions and to meet multiple and competing deadlines
Adapts to and implements change and facilitates its acceptance by others
Working knowledge of computer, preferably Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, and Powerpoint) and Outlook applications.
Maintains and protects resident confidentiality in accordance with LBHH & WR Confidentiality policy requirement
Ability to deliver Education using adult learning principles
Understanding and commitment to interdisciplinary professional practice models.
Demonstrated ability to work as part of a team. Ability to interpret business documents, technical procedures and regulations.
Professionalism in appearance and communication.
Demonstrates time management skills including ability to effectively multi-task, prioritize and self-motivate.

Demonstrated ability to plan, set, and accomplishes multiple objectives. Attention to detail, exhibit self-direction, high degree of independence, judgment and discretion, teaching ability, effective oral and written communication skills, demonstrated ability to work effectively with others as a team member. Requires the ability to work with highly confidential and sensitive information. Must have analytical and problem solving skills as well as the ability to coordinate and communicate effectively with diverse others including, colleagues, managers, medical staff and be able to teach and develop others. Must be able to prioritize, make decisions and set clear expectations for others. Must possess excellent negotiation skills. Must be computer knowledgeable.


Catalyst for Change

The ability to initiate, implement and support new or modified approaches, practices, and processes in the organization. It involves helping the organization’s members understand what the change means to them, and providing the ongoing guidance and support that will maintain enthusiasm and commitment to the change process. At higher levels it involves leading or sponsoring change initiatives to improve overall process performance.

Developing Others

The genuine intent to foster the long-term learning or development of others through coaching, managing performance and mentoring. Its focus is on developmental intent and effect rather than on a formal role of training. The individuals’ actions are driven by a genuine desire to develop others, rather than simply a need to transfer skills to complete tasks.

Drive for Results

A concern for surpassing a standard of excellence. The standard may be one’s own past performance (striving for improvement); an objective measure (achievement orientation); challenging goals that one has set; or even improving or surpassing what has already been done (continuous improvement). Thus, unique accomplishments also indicate a Drive for Results.

Optimizing Resources

The ability to understand and effectively optimize organization resources (e.g., people, materials, assets, budgets). This is demonstrated through measurement, planning and control of resources to maximize results. It requires an evaluation of qualitative (e.g., customer satisfaction) and quantitative (e.g., service costs) needs.

Strategic Orientation

The ability to understand the business implications of decisions on one’s role and link organizational strategy to daily work. This ranges from a simple understanding to a sophisticated awareness of the impact of the world at large on strategies and on choices.

Teamwork and Cooperation

Working cooperatively with others, being part of a team, and working together as opposed to working separately or competitively. These behaviors apply when one is a member of a group of people functioning as a team.


RAI-MDS Certificate

Salary: Level 2, $33.20-$34.15

Work Schedule: Monday to Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm