Federation Annual Campaign


Amplify your impact.

When you support the community through Jewish Federation, you enable us to invest strategically in every corner of our community.


Give today. Create a ripple effect.

Your gift enables us to identify and invest in areas we are uniquely poised to see. And more importantly: act upon.


With your help we are building the community of our future.

We have a shared vision. One in which our entire community thrives in every sense. From the youngest members of our community to the most senior, from here all the way to our partnership region in Israel.


More than a gift, a strategic investment.

With your help, our strategic planning and leadership will create lasting change.


Fifteen years ago, Jewish Federation recognized the need for affordable housing for families in our local community. Through strategic planning, we helped establish Tikva Housing Society. Today, it is the preeminent housing society in our community, and soon, thanks to the generosity of our donors, it will serve even more families.


And in our partnership region of the Upper Galilee in Israel residents have struggled with poverty. But more than 10 years ago, Jewish Federation identified the need and saw potential; we invested in tech

education and others followed our lead.


We help build not only a thriving present, but also a bright future.


The central address for building community.

We can’t do all this alone. When we identify areas of impact, we strategically build partnerships to

create lasting, positive change. We are uniquely positioned to bring together all our community

partners, maximizing their impact and ensuring the most critical needs in our community are met.


Every one of our partners specializes in a vital area of our community. What unifies all their work? Jewish Federation.


Our partners take on important components of the work and we tie it all together.


That’s why, when you give through Jewish Federation, you create a ripple effect throughout our entire community.