Federation Annual Campaign



A seismic shift calls for an unprecedented response.

As our community reels from the extraordinary effects of COVID-19, making a gift through the Federation Annual Campaign has never been more urgent or impactful.


Community needs have increased exponentially.

COVID-19 has hit every corner of our community, on every imaginable and unimaginable level. From food security and access to Jewish education, to affordable housing and the isolation of our most vulnerable, the same community needs exist as in years past, but now they are multiplied many times over as a result of the pandemic and ongoing uncertainty.


Our community is facing challenges across the board.

Our frontline agencies have seen the demand for services soar, and more community members are seeking support to participate in Jewish life. Some of our longstanding agencies that contribute to the vibrancy of community life are facing challenges in maintaining their services. It is unlike anything our community has ever seen.


Give like your community depends on it.

Through our ongoing work with our partner agencies to address and respond to immediate and changing critical needs, one thing is certain: the hugely disruptive impact of COVID-19 threatens the very essence of our community fabric.


We need to act now—to maintain the programs and services that so many rely on, to ensure every community member can engage in Jewish life, and to preserve the cherished vitality of our community.


The most important campaign in our community’s history.

Our efforts to counter the impact of COVID-19 depend on all of us. When you support the community through the Federation Annual Campaign, every gift will go where it is needed most, so it will have the greatest impact.


During this time of crisis, you may also wish to make a one-time contribution to the Community Recovery Fund, which will be used to specifically to address services and programs impacted by COVID-19.


We’re in this together, and we’ll get through this together.