Federation Annual Campaign



We are grateful for the ways everyone has come together through the pandemic. Donors gave generously. Volunteers stepped up. And organizations pivoted to meet increased needs and keep us connected socially, and spiritually.  Jewish Federation brought our unique strengths to bear. From our expertise in community planning, to facilitating collaborations and fundraising, we provide a level of stability to our partners and the individuals that rely on them.


Strengthened by what we as a community have accomplished so far, we are inspired by where we can go next – together. We have come through crisis with a sense of strength that positions us to face this next phase of uncertainty.


Brighter days are ahead, but not for everyone


We have all felt the impact of the pandemic, but for some people its caused a cascading effect of challenges. With those who were already vulnerable hit the hardest. Our partners, challenged in determining how to plan effectively with so much uncertainty, are not only responding to increased needs but new and evolving needs brought on by the pandemic. 

  • Rising unaffordability in one of the most expensive places in the world, is making individuals choose between paying bills or paying rent.
  • More youth suffer from anxiety and depression. Demand for counseling services DOUBLED at one Jewish school this past year.
  • Seniors are ready to reconnect socially and spiritually after a tough year separated from family and their community.


The time is to act now.


This is our opportunity to draw on our strengths and look ahead to where we can go. As a community, we have always come together to support those in need and with your help there is nothing that we can’t accomplish as we navigate this road of reopening and recovery.


Even amongst all the uncertainty the pandemic brings our way – we see great opportunities ahead. If we respond together.