Hillel BC is the community’s lead organization on B.C.’s college and university campuses. They are coordinating with multiple organizations, including CIJA, to address the myriad on-campus challenges.


www.hillelbc.com is a great resource.


Here is a summary of how to address immediate challenges: 



Security on Campus: 

In case of immediate danger, call 911. For non-immediate concerns, submit a complaint to your university’s security department, then inform Hillel BC by emailing info@hillelbc.com



Classroom Incident: 

For issues with a Teacher Assistant (TA), professor, or Guest Lecturer: 

  1. Save Evidence: Ensure you keep any relevant evidence for the case.  

  1. Chain of Reporting: 

  • Start with your professor. If dismissed, proceed to: 
  • Email the Department Head. 
  • If no response, escalate to the Faculty Dean. 
  • If necessary, contact the Vice President of Academics at the Provost Office. 
  1. Keep Hillel BC Informed: Throughout the process, update Hillel BC on the situation and the incident's status. 



Clubs and Student Government on Campuses: 

For issues related to campus clubs or student government incidents and statements: 

  1. Documentation: Record details of the incident. 

  1. Contact Hillel BC: Email info@hillelbc.com for assistance in navigating your campus-specific reporting protocol. 

  1. Ombudsperson: If issues persist, email the ombudsperson. 

  1. Escalation: If unsatisfied with the resolution, update Hillel BC, and they will escalate the matter.