Factsheets, information guides, and educational materials on a range of issues from antisemitism to Jewish history.



Information Resources on Antisemitism and Israel


Many of us get questions on a regular basis about antisemitism, Jewish life, and the situation today in Israel as well as the many millennia history of Jews in the Middle East.


There are a number of websites that offer critical resources on these topics, and can help us answer questions, share information, and connect people with facts. They are also a resource for anyone – including educators – looking for fact-based resources.


Feel free to visit and share the following sites.


Israel-Hamas War: What You Need To Know


Facts and figures from the American Jewish Committee on all aspects of the War in Israel.


Standing With Israel


A collection of factsheets and tools from the Board of Deputies of British Jews.


Stand With Us


Large collection of information that includes Israel’s Story, factsheets on a wide variety of topics, and booklets like Understanding the Past.



The latest news from the war in Israel.


Educator/School Resources (but great information for everyone)


Unlearn It


A resource hub for educators and parents to learn about, identify, and take action to address antisemitism. 




Educational tools about both Judaism and Israel that can be used by educators and others. Many videos to explore.


Educators Against Antisemitism


A variety of links to further education-focused sites


Lesson Plans


The Anti-Defamation League has a wide range of lesson plans available for teachers.


Institute for Curriculum Services


A collection of information from an organization dedicated to improving the accuracy of K-12 instruction and instructional materials on Jews, Judaism, and Jewish history.