Your voice is crucial. 


Research shows that one-on-one conversations are one of the most influential sources of information for non-Jews on the conflict and rising antisemitism. Keeping lines of communication open will let those friends who are interested feel safe asking you about what is an increasingly complicated yet simple conversation.


This friend-to-friend approach is a building block of everything we do. We build by engaging with people who either are not involved with the community, or our friends from outside the community. It’s not about connecting to the broader community, but with those we know and trust and who are likely to support our work for the land of Israel and against rising antisemitism.


This toolkit will help you do that… and much more.


Am Israel chai.



AICRT Co-Chairs and Steering Committee 



The Power of One

Reaching out to even one person will provide benefits to all of us in increased support beyond the Jewish community.

Key Messages

When engaging in advocacy, it can help to have some language to use as a starting point. Here are some suggestions. 

How to: Have the Conversation

Having an effective conversation with a non-Jewish friend or colleague really is possible! Here’s everything you need…


Antisemitism & Israel Resources

Factsheets, information guides, and educational materials on a range of issues from antisemitism to Jewish history.


History of the Conflict

Important facts, dates, and other information to provide historical background and context for the current conflict. 

Information Sources

We’ve compiled a list of trusted sources of news and information about Israel, antisemitism and the Jewish community.

Resources: K-12 Parents

This guide will help you respond to incidents of antisemitism in public and independent schools should they arise.

Resources: On Campus

Hillel BC, the lead organization on local campuses, and these resources can help you address a variety of challenges.

Resources: Mental Well-being

The events and aftermath of October 7th have had a profound effect on our community. Here are resources to help you. 



How to: Report Antisemitism
If you experience or witness an antisemitic incident or a hate crime, here is where and how you should report it.

BC Unionized Employees

Information for people working in a unionized environment in British Columbia.

BC Non-Unionized Employees

Information for people working in a non-unionized environment in British Columbia.

Antisemitism Legal Helpline

If you’re facing antisemitism, we can connect you with legal advice and resources

How to: Talk to Kids about Israel

Simple approaches to discuss the war in Israel and to help you engage with your older kids and tweens.

How to: Engage on Social

Here are guidelines for using social media to help our non-Jewish friends understand our experiences and perspectives. 


How to: Write to an Editor

Have you ever wanted to write an effective Letter to the Editor or report an error in the news? We’ll show you how.

How to: Engage your MLA

One of the best things you can do to support the Jewish community is to thank your local MLA. It only takes a moment.

How to: Engage your MP

There are varying levels of support from federal parties and their MPs. Here are the best ways to engage them.

Community Security

Community security continues to be a high priority. Join us in creating a more secure and prepared Jewish Community. 


Content for you to Share
Real peace is a just and lasting peace. Share the messages. Invite your friends and build allies.