Texas Freeze Disaster Relief Fund

With temperatures plunging to -18 celsius and widespread power outages, many Texans have turned to their own devices as they try to keep warm. The state has recorded a record number of deaths resulting from car accidents, house fires, and carbon monoxide poisonings due to running generators indoors. BBC reported that one county said it “had seen more than 300 suspected carbon monoxide cases during the cold snap,” and the Houston Chronicle quoted a local health official who called it “a mini mass casualty event.” Another medical official told local television station KPRC-TV that the situation is “an absolute public health disaster."

Jewish Federations of North America has set up a disaster relief fund, and you can support their efforts through us. Click here to donate to the Texas Freeze Disaster Relief Fund. 

If you'd like to read more, the Jewish Federations in Dallas and Houston have mobilized to help, and you can read an interview here with my friend and colleague, Mariam Shpeen Feist, CEO of Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas.