Responding to Needs in Israel and Overseas Communities

As a result of gifts to the Annual Campaign, Jewish Federation is able to fulfill our mission of strengthening Jewish life and connections throughout the world, and to meet our responsibilities to care for Jews in need wherever they may be.  Our work includes a strategic focus on programs and services that strengthen our partnership region in Israel – Etzba Hagalil, the Upper Galilee Panhandle – and strengthen the connections between our local community and that community.

Israel and Overseas Allocations

1. Unrestricted Funds
Jewish Federation has two primary partners that work on the ground in Israel and in Jewish communities in need around the world – the Jewish Agency for Israel and the Joint Distribution Committee. Much of our support is provided as unrestricted funding. This type of funding is important because it is flexible to help anywhere it is most needed, supporting programs and services that meet the most pressing needs each year.  Our unrestricted funds are combined together with those of the other Jewish Federations across Canada, reflecting a strong commitment on the part of our national organized Jewish community to meet our responsibilities as part of a global Jewish community.

About The Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) 
JAFI inspires Jews throughout the world to connect with their heritage and empowers them to build a thriving Jewish future and a strong Israel. Whether facilitating aliyah and immigrant absorption, or engaging young Jews in social activism, JAFI forges strong connections to Israel. JAFI also serves as a first responder to crises in the Jewish world.

Funds from the Federation Annual Campaign enable us to effect change in education and foster economic development in our partnership region of the Etzba Hagalil in Northern Israel through the Partnership2Gether (P2G) program. Through the Gesher Chai (Living Bridge) aspect of this program we support educational and cultural exchanges between our communities. We also provide funding for programs that connect young adults to Israel and to their Jewish heritage, including Birthright and Masa, both of which are delivered by JAFI.
About The Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)
Often called the “911 of the Jewish world" the JDC is Jewish Federation’s partner in addressing critical rescue and relief needs in more than 60 countries around the world.  The JDC also provides non-sectarian disaster relief and long-term development assistance to communities in crisis. Wherever JDC works, it is viewed as a trusted partner to propel vulnerable Jewish and non-Jewish communities from dependency to self-sustainability.

2. Community-Directed Allocations
Jewish Federation’s planning and allocations process for programs and services in Israel and overseas communities parallels our local allocations process. This includes identifying unmet needs and recommending responses that have meaningful impact. The Israel and Overseas Affairs Committee determines funding recommendations for programs and services that focus on closing social gaps in Israeli society, especially in the geographic and social periphery of the country, and on meeting the needs of vulnerable populations. Particular priority is focused on our partnership region in the Upper Galilee.

We also maintain an active schedule of local events that engage our community and raise awareness about Israel.