Allocations FAQ

Who may apply for program funding?
Currently there are 21 constituency agencies who receive funding through the allocations process.

How does an organization become a constituent (or partner) agency?
Click for information about the criteria.

Where can I get a copy of the current allocations application form?
Download here.

How do I determine how much to ask for?
It is not likely that you will receive the full amount that you requested. It is important, however, that you detail the actual costs of delivering the program in the budget section and that you indicate all of the other sources of funding that you will be accessing in order to operate the program. If the APC supports your request, but is unable to provide sufficient funds to operate the program, you may be contacted to see if the program can be delivered with less funds.

How detailed do I need to be when answering the questions?
Your completed application form is the primary way that the APC will learn about your programs.  The more specific and detailed you are, the better informed the committee will be about the scope of your program.  The Constituency Agency Guidelines provides examples of how particular questions should be answered.

If I submit an application for a new program, will the APC decide not to fund one of my existing programs?
The committee looks at each program request on its own merit. Factors that go into the decision making include does the program address or continue to address a current community need; how effective has the program been in meeting projected outcomes; is the applicant the most appropriate organization to deliver the program; and are there other organizations that deliver or could deliver the same program.

Why does the application form ask me to list my community partners?
The APC looks favourably upon programs that reflect collaborative efforts among different agencies will similar mandates and outcomes. If you are planning to partner with another agency, include information on the roles and responsibilities for each agency.

What costs can I include in the program budget?
Only direct costs are eligible for support from a program grant. We define
direct costs as those costs you incur in running the program. Administrative costs incurred by your agency regardless of whether you offer the particular program, should not be included in your program budget.

What about overhead costs? 
Overhead costs typically cover items such as rent, utilities, office supplies etc. The excel budget sheet lists allowable overhead costs. The program budget lists the allowable overhead costs. If you are submitting multiple application forms with shared overhead costs, each program budget should show a percentage of the total requested.

When will we find out what funding has been approved for 2014?
Typically, the APC’s presents its recommendation to the Federation Board of Directors at the end of May. Once the board has approved the recommendations, you will be contacted by Jewish Federation staff to advise you of their decision. You will receive formal notification of your 2014 allocation in early July.