Planning and Allocations Process

Each year, Jewish Federation conducts the community’s central fundraising initiative: the Federation Annual Campaign. Funds from the campaign support programs and services that thousands of community members rely on locally, and communities in need in Israel and overseas

This section of our website provides information about how planning and allocations decisions are made and where campaign funds are allocated. There are two planning and allocations streams: one for local community needs, and one for needs in Israel and overseas communities.

Local Allocations
Two groups are very closely involved with the local allocations process:

  1. Jewish Federation’s Planning Council
  2. The Allocations Committee

While the Planning Council and the Allocations Committee are separate bodies, their work is connected.

1) Planning Council
The Planning Council’s mandate is to identify new and emerging issues and set Jewish Federation’s priorities in the areas of social services, Jewish education, arts and culture, community building, seniors and youth. The Council is composed of community members who have expertise in planning and community development issues. The Council works in collaboration with constituent agencies, content experts and community leaders to address existing and developing needs, and to evaluate benefits and outcomes through a variety of formats including community consultations, research studies and planning think tanks.

The Council generates recommendations to guide future planning and funding decisions. Its reports and research studies are made available to the Allocations Committee to assist members in their assessment of the requests for funding.

2) Allocations Committee
The Allocations Committee’s mandate is to oversee the distribution of funds to a broad range of local constituent agencies serving the Greater Vancouver Jewish community in the areas of social services, Jewish education, arts and culture, youth and young adults, community building and services for seniors.

Committee members review and prioritize requests for funding from local constituent agencies for programs that are designed to meet the social services, education, or health needs of community members or provide social, recreational, educational and cultural opportunities within the Jewish community.

To ensure agency accountability and to maintain an accurate record of how distributed funds are used, the APC now requires that all funded agencies submit a program evaluation demonstrating how the funds have been spent and how their projected program outcomes have been met. Agencies must submit their program evaluations during the second year of the allocations cycle. The final report is included as part of the application process for the new cycle.

Each year the Allocations Committee submits its funding recommendations to Jewish Federation’s board of directors. To read a summary of the committee’s most recent recommendations, click here.

More about Local Allocations

Israel and Overseas Allocations
To learn about the separate but parallel allocations process for programs and services in Israel and overseas communities in need, click here.