Pre and Post Passover Food and Meals 2020


Cafe 41

  • Closed


FortyOne Catering by Chef Menajem Peretz

  • Open for Regular Take out with Delivery options 
  • Full Passover Take Out menu 
  • Full Regular Passover Menu 
  • Discounted “Shabbath In A Box” with free shipping for seniors 
  • Order online or at 604-440-2259. 


Kosher Warehouse

  • Open and business as usual
  • Closed during Pesach closed
  • Not delivering to North Shore, but for bulk order of meat and chicken (not groceries), they can work with Rabbi Gibbs.


Maple Grill

  • Open 16:00 - 20:00 p.m.
  • Regular and Pesach menu
  • Delivery through Uber Eats
  • People can call and order, and they will put it in their car
  • Pesach:
    • Take out normally
    • Everything is online to order 
    • Pesach orders will come out of Schara Tzedeck 
    • Kollel, Chabad, Schara Tzedeck, and Chabad are working together on "Shabbat in the Box"


Nava Creative Kosher 

  • Regular menu
  • People to pick up at the JCC
  • They can deliver (Richmond and North Shore if necessary) 
  • Flexible to help everyone and open to any suggestions 


Omnitsky Kosher 

  • Regular and Pesach menu
  • Order online or by phone
  • Provide local delivery, or people can drive by the store - call ahead and they will load it into the vehicle with no human contact. 
  • No delivery to the North Shore, but can package everything separately and deliver to Har El. The are two delivery dates:  April 1st and 5th


Perfect Bite 

  • Regular menu
  • Closed for Passover from April 8th-16th


Sabra Kosher Bakery & Restaurant

  • Open 9:30 a.m. – 18:00 p.m.
  • Regular and Pesach menu
  • Up and running, serving food to go, and delivering
  • Plenty stocked for Pesach
  • Delivering only full groceries (e.g. not falafel) between 1st and 7th (Granville to Fraser) - not North Shore
  • Take orders of food and groceries on the phone, and load the vehicle without human contact for pick-up