Young Adults Share Why They Do Crazy Good

More than 500 local Jews in their 20’s and 30’s are actively involved with our young adult program, Axis, and they leading in many ways, including through their commitment to tzedakah. Yael, Bryan, and Stephanie are three young adults who support our community by giving through the Federation Annual Campaign. Knowing that their gifts can change the lives of Jews of all ages and backgrounds, locally, in Israel and abroad, is part of what motivates them to do crazy good. Here are their stories. 

Yael – “Starting from scratch for the second time.”

“After a lifetime of persecution under Communist rule and not having the freedom to openly practice Judaism, we embraced this new opportunity to discover our Jewish identity amongst our people. And then, moving to Canada and starting from scratch for the second time, we witnessed first-hand the importance of community and how important it is for Jews to help fellow Jews in need. I will never forget the sacrifices my parents made to get our family out of the USSR, and have vowed to forever commit my time and energy to serve my Jewish community and help others who cannot help themselves."

Bryan – “If we don’t… who is going to do it?”

“I’ve been challenging myself to donate more where I can. We’re the next generation, so we can’t keep relying on our parents and grandparents and major donors in the community. If we want Jewish education and Jewish facilities and to raise our future kids Jewish, you have to be forward thinking and contributing towards it in some way. Someone’s got to lay the groundwork, and I always think, if we don’t support the community, then who is going to do it?”

Stephanie – “It’s up to us.”

“When I found out my grandmother was Jewish, I went through a conversion. I moved to a Jewish high school where I started to really understand the importance and the intricacies of community. Going to King David and doing learning sessions with the rabbi, I knew I was getting a lot out of the community, and I wanted to make sure I was equally putting back in. It’s up to us to really make sure we’re part of something that’s greater than just ourselves.”

When you give through the Federation Annual Campaign, your gift does crazy good. Its impact is inclusive of Jews of all ages, backgrounds, and geographies, and it addresses the diverse spectrum of community needs.