Want to make a lasting impact? The Foundation can help.

We know that our community and making an impact are important you. It’s why you’ve connected with Jewish Federation, support the Federation Annual Campaign and trust us to meet the evolving needs of our community. But have you thought about putting your tzedakah to work in a different way? A way that enables you to make an impact for generations to come. 

That’s where the Jewish Community Foundation can help. With an eye to the future, the Foundation can work with you to establish a Fund to benefit community and the organizations or areas of interest that are important to you. Since its founding in 1989 by Jewish Federation, the Foundation has used its careful stewardship of charitable gifts to build and grow endowment funds for our community. Donors can choose to direct their charitable giving now during their lifetime or plan for a legacy gift in the future.   

The Foundation’s expert governance and professional staff mean that your funds are used strategically and wisely. The Foundation has an eye always on present stability and future growth. Providing expert, unbiased advice, the Foundation matches donor interests with community needs, always seeking the best way a donor’s wishes and philanthropic impact can be achieved.

That’s right. The Jewish Community Foundation is completely focused on you and your needs as a donor. Providing flexible options, investment expertise and advice on impactful grant making -  creating a lasting legacy for you and your family.

With $80 million in assets under management, the Foundation has the expertise to offer customized philanthropic options that enable you and your family to support the causes you are passionate about. Whether it’s the Federation Annual Campaign or an organization or area of interest that’s important to you, the Foundation is uniquely positioned to work with you to make a meaningful and long lasting impact in the Jewish community.

Contact Marcie Flom, executive director of the Jewish Community Foundation, today to discuss how you can create a lasting legacy of support.