The Future is Bright in the Upper Galilee

More than 10 years ago, Jewish Federation and our partners saw the potential of youth and young adults living in our partnership region of the Upper Galilee. We set out to transform the entire region.

We took action, recognizing the promise of technology, education and community building, and the power of youth as the keys that would unlock the region’s potential. Today, the programs we support each build off the success of the others. Here’s a snapshot of these programs and their impact.

Technology Skills for Youth

  • Unistream Kiryat Shmona: an entrepreneurship training and long-term mentorship program helping youth achieve financial independence and success.
  • Net@ Junior – Mobile: a traveling technology program bringing educational tools and resources to students in isolated areas.
  • Net@Junior Ethiopian Integration: a skills-based mentorship program for Jewish Ethiopian students enabling them to learn side-by-side with their peers.

Education and Professional Development for Young Adults

  • Kedma Student Villages: a university scholarship and housing initiative for students volunteering 300 hours a year in Israel’s remote border communities.
  • Better Together – Leadership Scholarships: an opportunity for students to work with the City of Kiryat Shmona and receive a scholarship when they lead a municipal project.
  • Galil-Up Young Leadership Program: a preparation program for young professionals to take on significant regional leadership roles.

Building Community for All

  • Beit Vancouver Youth Centre: a successful community centre that engages 65% of youth in Kiryat Shmona (our partnership region’s largest city).
  • Beit Vancouver – Better Together Network of Communities: a unique model of community development that uses a shared-services network strategy.
  • Father and Sons: a series of weekly soccer games for fathers and their sons, run by staff who are trained to teach relationship and communication skills.

Today, residents living in the Upper Galilee Panhandle are thriving as never before. Youth living here have a bright future ahead of them. There are promising academic and professional opportunities for young adults, and the most vulnerable have a safety net. Learn more about the programs Jewish Federation supports here.