Thank You!

At a time when many individuals, families, seniors in our community, and the organizations they rely on, were severely impacted by COVID-19, our donors, embodying the very essence of tzedakah, stepped up and gave generously. Because of their incredible generosity, we could move through this unprecedented crisis and maintain the vibrancy of our community.

Thanks to their support, this year we are able to direct more funding to our partners than ever before.

In case you missed it in our Annual Report, together in 2020, we generated $12.2 million for our community!

  • $8.8 million through the 2020 Annual Campaign
  • $2 million for the Community Recovery Fund
  • $1.4 million in Special Project funding to meet high-priority needs

Our community came together through all the ups and downs of 2020, and helped us meet head on the seismic shift the pandemic created.

Thank you to everyone who made a gift and supported our community during this difficult time. Right now, we are putting your gift to work, so you can make an impact all across our community.

As we enter the next phase of COVID-19 recovery, we are committed to continuing to bring together the partners who do the work, inspiring new collaborations that meet new challenges, and looking ahead to what our community needs for the long term future.

Todah rabah!