Strategic Planning Leads to New Ways to Engage Young Adults

Jewish Federation is uniquely poised to bring together our more than 30 partners to plan strategically for the community. The Jewish Food Security Task Force is a perfect example of our partnerships in action. The task force identified that environmentally conscious, sustainable food production and food distribution projects are very appealing to Jewish young adults who are not typically engaged in Jewish community life. Over the past year, our young adult program, Axis, has acted upon this valuable insight and seized the opportunity to open up meaningful volunteer and social opportunities to young Jews in the area of food security.

Axis takes Action on Food Security
Over 35 young adults attended events this fall, when they had the chance to deepen connections with their peers, learn from food security experts, and contribute their own ideas for the future of food security in our community. The events included peer knowledge exchange between young Jewish leaders in our community who have founded very successful start-ups related to food security.

  • Food Security Innovation Brainstorm at Juice Truck: Axis members gathered to learn and brainstorm the future of food security innovation for our community at Juice Truck. Ilana Labow facilitated and contributed her expertise to the discussion. Illana Labow is the innovation consultant hired by Jewish Federation with funding through the Diamond Foundation to work collaboratively with Jewish Family Services and other community partners to stimulate greater awareness of food security in our community. Attendees shared their ideas and the group discussion resulted in a list of ideas for future pilot programs.  
  • Direct Food Distribution & Preservation with Moishe House & Munchies Food Share: Munchies Food Share is an innovative start-up that was started by young adults active in our Jewish community. At a beach picnic, attendees learned the details from Munchies founders about how the start-up’s direct distribution programs work, and its novel food preservation system that dehydrates produce and redistributes it as healthy snack options for community members. 

Read more about Food Security here and and connect with other young adults at our Axis Hanukah party coming up on December 12th. Party details and tickets are available on the Axis Facebook event page here