Sign Up For Israeli Consular Services

Are you an Israeli citizen? Do you need to renew your children's travel documents, register the birth of a child, or need other consular services? You don’t need to travel to the consulate in Toronto. We’re bringing consular representatives to you.

Twice a year we work with the Israeli consulate to bring representatives to Vancouver to assist local Israeli citizens with a number of services that they would otherwise have to travel to the consulate in Toronto to complete. You can find a list of services that require a consular representative here.

Appointments will take place July 14 and 15, 2019. Online registration has closed. Please contact Dafna Silberstein for assistance.

Not all services require a representative. The following services can be done by mail:

  • Renewal or extension of an adult’s passport
  • Notarization of government certificates (i.e. power of attorney etc.)
  • Military deferment / release papers that have been signed in front of a notary public
  • Application for documents from the Ministry of Interior
  • Visa applications

If you have a question or not sure if you need to see a consular representative, please contact Dafna Silberstein at 604.257.5190. Visit our website for more information.