Meet Alex Cristall – Immediate Past Chair

  1. What drives you to volunteer your time?

What matters most to me is doing great things with a great team. I don’t think I’m different from any one else. We all want to make our community better. What drives me is seeing how passionate the other volunteers are about our community, volunteering their time and tzedakah. I am so privileged to have worked alongside so many community leaders who contribute their unique knowledge and expertise, and who I learn from every day. It is amazing what we can accomplish together!

  1. Is there a moment that has really stood out for you?

I am so proud of the way our community came together through this pandemic and our response to recovery. From stepping up and generously giving to the Community Recovery Fund, to maintaining funding support of the Annual Campaign, to the ways community organizations pivoted to be able to maintain the much needed services they provide. It’s been incredible to see and to be a part of.

  1. What has surprised you?

I’ve always cared about our work in Israel, but it wasn’t until I was board chair and able to travel to our partnership region, that I could really see the impact of our projects. Seeing first-hand, how much the residents and community leaders rely on our investment was really impactful.