Meet Sue Hector – Co-Chair, Women’s Philanthropy (2020-2022)

  1. You have volunteered for a number of Jewish organizations, what drives you to donate your time, talents and bandwidth?

I am lucky enough to not have to hold down a job to support my family, so this is my way of supporting everyone’s family. I volunteer because of my sons. I want to show them that it’s important to stand up for your community. It may not always be a fun job, but doing something like building a school and leaving a legacy for Vancouver is something I take a lot of pride in.

  1. You have chaired a number of committees – what drew you to your role as co-chair of women’s philanthropy?

My co-chair Shawna Merkur and I have both tried to take the women’s campaign to the next level, get more women involved and nurture and grow the women’s campaign and community spirit. We believe that in order to have a strong community, you need to have strong leadership. There is a different lens to fundraising when women are involved – and with women at the helm of this year’s campaign, we are really looking forward to connecting with everyone at this year’s Choices event on November 7th, and celebrating how our community of outstanding women came through the pandemic and made our community stronger.

  1. What do you have to say to someone looking to get involved?

If you have the time, definitely get involved. It’s so important to do things that make our community stronger and better! L’dor v’dor (from generation to generation), there were those who worked before me and encouraged my generation to take leadership roles and that is what I am trying to do; encourage others to follow in my footsteps.