Our Volunteer Leaders: Meet Jonathon Leipsic

Our volunteer leaders make Jewish Federation the vital resource it is. Our governance process, our fundraising efforts, events and projects – they’re all brought to life with the help of community members who dedicate their valuable time to the cause. 

Our volunteer leaders are at the heart of our organization and we would like to acknowledge the countless hours and expertise they contribute to the bettering of our community both locally and abroad.

Meet Jonathon Leipsic, Jewish Federation annual campaign chair (2018, 2019, 2020)

Jonathon Leipsic is the chairman of the Department of Radiology VCH/PHC. He is Professor of Radiology and Cardiology with the University of British Columbia. Jonathon is also a Canada Research Chair in Advanced Cardiopulmonary Imaging, and Past President of the Society of Cardiovascular CT. Jonathan and his wife Karly have two children at King David, Isabella and Carsyn, and one at VTT, Ty.

  1. You have been campaign chair for three years, how do you see your children learning from your experience as a volunteer?
    Karly and I try to model a life of purpose, a life of meaning, a life of community and commitment to things bigger than oneself. We hope, that just as I was impacted by my parents making community service a priority, that our children are inspired by our passion for service and the Jewish community
  2. Last year, you were campaign chair at the same time as your father in Winnipeg, how was that special for you?
    My parents and family very much showed me that Jewish community is a blessing, to be cherished and nurtured. To be in a role as campaign chair the same year as my father was incredibly special. As he continues to work tirelessly to steward and strengthen Jewish community.
  3. What are you most proud of from your time as campaign chair?
    I am more grateful than proud. Grateful for the opportunity to serve this wonderful community. To help in a small way to alleviate challenges and suffering and to enrich our great Jewish institutions. This service gave me great satisfaction and a sense that I was living in accordance to the Talmudic edict ‘Klal yisroel areivim zeh bah zeh’ (all of Israel is responsible for one another)
  4. We know that young adult engagement in the community is important to you. As outgoing campaign chair, what would you say to young adults in our community today wanting to get involved?
    Do it! It will provide you with meaning and purpose. It will enrich your life and bring you joy.