Jewish Community Foundation Distributes A Record $3.3M

Our endowment program, the Jewish Community Foundation, is a community asset that becomes even more valuable during uncertain times. Serving as the centre of philanthropy and legacy giving for the Jewish community, the Foundation works directly with fund holders to achieve their philanthropic goals.

Throughout the pandemic, we saw how the Foundation’s various initiatives worked together to make a significant impact. Their Unrestricted Grant Program provided vital funding for emerging needs, and their flexible approach enabled fund holders to maximize their impact and direct funds where they were needed most.

This year, the Jewish Community Foundation distributed $3.3 million in grants to support our community, a 22% increase over last year.

This increase in distributions is a testament to the extent to which fund holders turned to their endowment funds to make an impact during a time when the needs of our community were rapidly increasing and changing in unprecedented ways. Distributions made through these funds were crucial in helping our community meet these unforeseen challenges and continue to deliver vital programs and services during a time when community members needed them the most.

The Foundation responded strategically to our community’s widespread needs though distributions from endowment funds. Whether it was unrestricted funds which offer the most flexibility to respond to community needs; designated funds, which provide support to specific organizations, causes and areas of interest; or donor advised funds, with distributions decided annually by the donor, funds managed by the Foundation provided a stable source of funding during a time of uncertainty.

The funding provided by the Foundation means that, even during challenging times, we can ensure our community’s ability to deliver the important programs and services that so many of us depend on.

Diane Switzer, chair, Jewish Community Foundation

Working with Fund Holders

The Foundation works closely with fund holders to understand their passions and interests. Then connects them with community needs, where they can make an impact.

Well positioned to identify current and emerging needs in our community, the Foundation acts as a trusted advisor to fund holders. This was particularly important over the past year, as fund holders turned to the Foundation for guidance to meet COVID-19 related priorities. The depth of community knowledge, combined with the trust and confidence of their fund holders, put the Foundation at the forefront of our community’s recovery.

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