Inspiring Inclusion Grants Empower All to Participate

When you give through the Federation Annual Campaign, you create a ripple effect that flows through the entire community and truly touches the lives of everyone in it.

When Jewish Federation launched the Inspiring Inclusion grant program last year thanks to funding from the Annual Campaign we awarded grants to five organizations. The result is a Jewish community that is more physically accessible and socially inclusive for over 100 young people and their families.

As we prepare for the next grant cycle, let’s look back on the impact we’ve already made together:

Tutoring in Hebrew at Congregation Beth Israel Hebrew School
Children with learning challenges are now able to participate fully alongside their peers at Beth Israel Hebrew School, thanks to the extra support they receive as they learn how to read. Teachers also benefit from additional training and classroom resources made possible by the grant. Today, the school is one step closer to reaching its goal of all students feeling a sense of belonging.  

Family Yoga FUNdamentals
The Jewish Community Centre created a yoga program designed to encourage relationship-building and acquisition of life skills in an inclusive and supportive environment. Twenty families with children and young adults benefited from improved focus, confidence and coping skills while making new social connections. One mother was particularly proud of her daughter’s newfound independence when she took the bus downtown to see a movie with new friends from class.   

Music at Richmond Jewish Day School
Richmond Jewish Day School launched an inclusive music program using specialized percussion instruments designed for people of all abilities. Seniors from our community were matched with the students and learned music side-by-side. Miri, age nine, was nervous on the first day, but she became excited when she saw the seniors and xylophones. She says “every time I did it, I got closer to my [senior aged] partner. I loved it! ”

Amplify Your Impact

Together, we’re building not only a thriving present, but also a bright future for everyone in our community. Inspiring Inclusion Grants are a powerful example of what it means to amplify your impact. Please make your gift today and support our community through the Federation Annual Campaign.