Community Israel Mission: We need to hear from you!

We’re gauging the level of interest for the community mission to Israel. We’re not asking for a commitment at this point. All we need to know is if you are interested!

Telling us if you’re interested helps us determine whether we can turn this possibility into reality – together. This is a chance to build on the connection that we feel as a community, to celebrate our Jewishness, our Zionism, and to experience Israel as a community in our homeland.

Join the community mission and:

  • Discover Israel’s beauty, history, and culture
  • Eat your way through Israel: sample great street food to top restaurants
  • Experience Tikkun Olam for yourself
  • Visit ancient Jaffa to modern Tel Aviv
  • Experience spirituality & history in the holy city of Jerusalem
  • Receive superb service and top-notch tour educators
  • And so much more

Have all your questions answered at one of our upcoming information sessions. Visit to sign up!


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