Family Day is Camp Day

camp-web.jpgPJ Library and the JCC have always promoted camp for Jewish children as an ideal opportunity to develop skill-sets and independence, as well as live an immersive Jewish experience away from mum and dad. On Monday, February 18th – Family Day – from 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m., they’re presenting sponsors for Family Day is Camp Day, an opportunity for parents and children to experience a little of what camps are all about. In addition to Jewish camps being a whole lot of fun, a 2011 Camp Works study revealed that adults who attended Jewish overnight camp as children are 21 per cent more likely to feel that being Jewish is very important, 37 per cent more likely to always or usually light Shabbat candles, and 55 per cent more likely to feel “very emotionally connected to Israel.”

Each camp at Family Day is Camp Day will have its own room at the JCC, staffed by camp regulars, in which it will welcome potential campers and present one of its hallmark activities. Participating camps include the JCC’s Camp Shalom and its specialty camps, Camp Gan Israel, Camp Hatikvah, Camp Kalsman, Camp Miriam, Camp Solomon Schechter and Sephardic Adventure Camp. The day will wind up with a camp-style singing session led by Josh Niehaus from Camp Solomon Schechter. 

Families do not need to be JCC members or recipients of PJ Library books to attend, but it would be helpful to organizers if they pre-register. To do so, or to learn more about Family Day is Camp Day, email Ben Horev at or Lissa Weinberger at