Community Recovery Task Force Begins Its Work

We are very pleased to announce that our Community Recovery Task Force has started their important work addressing the impact of COVID-19 on our community.  

Chaired by Risa Levine, this group of well-respected and experienced leaders from across the community will assist Jewish Federation in developing a plan that effectively responds to the many operational and financial challenges facing the community, and that carves out a path for future sustainability. Their work is expected to be completed by June 2021.

The 10 members of the task force are: Andrew Altow; Jill Diamond; Michelle Gerber; Hodie Kahn; Candace Kwinter; Risa Levine (chair); Shawn Lewis; David Porte; Justin Segal; and Isaac Thau. Each brings a wealth of diverse leadership experience with Jewish Federation and other community agencies. You can read their respective biographies here. Joining them in an ex officio capacity by virtue of their roles with our organization are Alex Cristall, Jewish Federation’s board chair, and Diane Switzer, the Jewish Community Foundation’s chair.  

The task force’s scope of work will be carried out in four phases:

Phase One: Task force members will meet with partner agencies and community members to discuss the impact of COVID-19.  

Phase Two: Task force members will set priorities for the distribution of Jewish Federation’s recovery funds.

Phase Three: Task force members will look to new, innovative approaches to enhance organizations’ capacities. 

Phase Four: Task force members will present their strategic recommendations to Jewish Federation’s Board of Directors.

Recovery will be an ongoing process, and the task force’s work will play an integral part in Jewish Federation’s present and long-term response to the pandemic.

We thank them for their invaluable contributions of time and wisdom, and will share their findings along the way.