Annual Campaign Focuses on Impact

Annual Campaign Focuses on Impact

The Federation Annual Campaign is gaining momentum every day. Its focus is how each one of us can make an impact - and how Jewish Federation amplifies your impact.

As the central address for building community, Jewish Federation has a unique role. We identify opportunities for impact months, years and decades ahead. Our strategic approach is often a catalyst, inspiring others to follow our lead – and that amplifies the impact of your gift.

Through strategic planning, fundraising, and effective partnerships, we bring to life a shared vision for our community and its future. The way we think of it, you don’t give to Jewish Federation, you make a strategic investment in our community through Jewish Federation.

We Plan For The Future. Others Follow Our Lead.

Fifteen years ago, Jewish Federation and our partners recognized the growing need for affordable housing in our community. We helped create Tikva Housing Society, which has become the preeminent housing society in our community.

Today, Tikva provides families, seniors and individuals, with safe, stable homes that they can afford. Parents who were once in desperate circumstances are now able to give their children a sense of security and stability.

Our strategic approach is benefiting our partnership region of the Upper Galilee, too. While others saw poverty and disadvantage, we saw opportunity and invested early in tech education for youth and leadership training for young adults.

Now others are taking note. An international consortium of venture capital groups, with investment from the Israeli government, is developing a food tech centre in the Upper Galilee that will benefit the entire region and position the area as a global hub for innovation.

Amplify Your Impact Today

None of this would be possible without the long-term vision and leadership of Jewish Federation, the partnerships we’ve built and, of course, your support.

When you support the community through Jewish Federation, you create a ripple effect that touches thousands of lives. Please make a secure online donation today, and we’ll amplify your impact.