High Cost of Living Affects Community Participation

With the sky-high cost of living, it is not only the most vulnerable members of our community who have fewer resources available to participate Jewishly. More and more, individuals and families face significant challenges to keep up with the cost of remaining involved in Jewish community. The ability of every Jew to afford to participate in Jewish community life directly impacts our community for the long term.

Families Struggle to Afford Jewish Programs for Their Kids
Nearly 50% of our population is made up of children, youth and young families. One of the most impactful ways to invest in our Jewish future is through Jewish programming and education for children and youth, which is associated with community involvement later in life. However, many families face real obstacles to providing their children with Jewish educational opportunities, whether that be through a day school, a supplementary school program, or a summer camp.
Families have limited access for young children to learn and grow in affordable, high-quality Jewish childcare. And six of our local Jewish day schools are seeing a rise not only in the number of requests for tuition subsidies, but also in requests for larger subsidy amounts. Day schools, supplementary schools and camps are all seeing the same trends.
If children are unable to access Jewish educational programs, they may miss out on the opportunity to grow in a supportive and enriching Jewish environment and on developing strong ties to our Jewish community that will last a lifetime.


Jewish Federation Is Making a Difference

These complex challenges are beyond the scope of any single organization. Jewish Federation is uniquely positioned to support organizations across our community’s spectrum of needs by helping people afford to participate, and by helping organizations to provide program subsidies.


Jewish Federation works with our partners to support the most vulnerable members of our community. Our local partners are engaged in critical work to provide housing and food security for families, seniors, and community members living with disabilities, ensuring that all Jews are included in community life.


Supporting the Spectrum of Needs

Your gift to the Federation Annual Campaign ensures that every Jewish individual and family can participate in Jewish community life. Your gift provides a helping hand to vulnerable community members who need help with the basics; an assurance to our trusted partners that their vital work will continue; and a proactive, long-term investment in the quality and longevity of our Jewish community.


Please give today. Todah rabbah!