New Strategic Priorities for Now, to 2020, and Beyond


We want to share with you the strategic priorities that will guide the work of our Jewish Federation through the year 2020 and beyond. We launched these priorities at our AGM and have been writing about them weekly in our CEO's Shabbat messages, and we want our e-Yachad readers to be in the know!


Meeting the Challenges Ahead
Our Strategic Priorities address the changes and challenges coming our way, including:

  1.  Affordability and Accessibility: Nearly half of our community members now live outside of Vancouver, beyond the reach of most Jewish organizations. The high cost of living in Vancouver means that those who live more centrally struggle to afford to participate in Jewish community life.
  2. Seniors: Our seniors population is expected to double by 2030, and many seniors will need increased help to live independently and services to remain connected to the Jewish community.
  3. Engagement: Community continuity depends on successfully engaging young adults and young families.
  4.  Security: To keep our community safe, we must continue to be proactive in our approach to addressing frequently changing security considerations.


Planning for Our Future Now
The work we do today and in the coming months and years will help us and our partners address the complex issues our growing community is facing. We are also committed to developing the resources required to propel our community forward. We and our partner agencies are already deeply immersed in meeting these needs, which you can also learn about on our 2020 Strategic Priorities website.

  1.  Investing Strategically in Our Community: Complex initiatives, like community security, Jewish education, and community infrastructure are three areas of investment with the broadest reach. These big picture pieces need the type of stable funding that our partners rely on Federation to provide.
  2. Closing the Funding Gap to Meet Ongoing Community Needs: There is simply not enough funding available through the Federation Annual Campaign to fully support crucial programs and services on which thousands of community members rely. Many deserving programs and services don’t receive any funding at all. We need to be able to close this funding gap.
  3. Addressing New and Evolving Needs: Our community is growing. Youth and young families make up almost half of our population. Our community is also spreading out, with 46% living outside of the City of Vancouver. This Jewish population needs low barrier Jewish programs and services close to where they live.
  4. Engaging the Next Generation: The future success of our community depends in large part on our ability to engage young Jewish adults. Whether it’s during their student years on campus, when they return home from having had life changing experiences on Israel programs, or as they build their careers, we need to provide them with opportunities to get involved and develop their leadership skills and philanthropic interests.
  5. Israel and Our Upper Galilee Partnership Region: We are committed to improving the quality of life for residents in our partnership region, many of whom experience disadvantages due to geographic isolation and socioeconomic challenges. Through the Gesher Chai (Living Bridge) program we are building real friendships between people in our partnership region and in our community, and developing opportunities for meaningful collaboration.
  6. Global Jewish Communities in Need: Overseas, we continue to focus on providing medicine, groceries and oil for heating homes in winter to some of the 165,000 destitute Jews in the Former Soviet Union, as well as developing young leaders who can build more vibrant Jewish communities there.


Growing the Resources to Sustain Our Community
There is much work to be done if we are to truly move the needle for our partner agencies and our community. Generating the increased financial resources needed to meet complex and evolving community needs is an important part of this. We invite you to learn more here.


Learn More!
Visit our office to get a package with lots more detail about our 2020 Strategic Priorities, each area of need, and our community goals.


Visit our 2020 Strategic Priorities website for more information about community needs and our Federation's strategic direction.