Campaign Update: $250 Incentive


Donate today.


An additional $250 will be donated to the campaign every time we receive a gift from a donor who missed last year’s campaign or who is making a first-time gift. If that’s you, then this is the year to give. Your donation – of any amount – will trigger the incentive.


If you give every year, we are so grateful for your support. We hope you will take this opportunity to encourage those around you to make their first gifts or to renew their support. With this $250 incentive, their gifts will go further than ever before.


“We want to make everybody feel needed and part of the community. For the health of our community, we need everybody,” said Alex Cristall. As chair of the 2017 Federation Annual Campaign, no one knows the importance of every individual donor than Alex.


Alex and his family are funding this incentive, because “we want people to know that every donor counts, no matter what the dollar value is, because when people get involved and give, that’s how you grow community.”


Every year, thousands of people rely on programs and services funded by the Federation Annual Campaign. This year, the campaign is focused on the dual issues of affordability and accessibility of Jewish life.


Half of the local Jewish population lives outside of Vancouver, where they have limited access to Jewish community life. Through the campaign, we can extend the reach of Jewish Federation and our partners, so Jews in emerging communities can have access to Jewish programs and services closer to where they live. 


Many of those who live more centrally are so stretched by the high cost of living in Vancouver that they are making gut wrenching decisions about whether they can be involved in Jewish community life. Through the campaign, Jewish Federation helps keep the cost of Jewish programs and services low, and we fund subsidies for those who still cannot afford to participate.


Together, we can keep our community connected. Click here to donate today.