Standing Up To Racism And Hate In Our Society


Dear Community Members,


We stand resolute in denouncing and countering any expressions of discrimination, hate, racism, xenophobia, homophobia and antisemitism in our society. They threaten the multicultural composition of a welcoming, loving and diverse society. In particular, they are at odds with the commitment to inclusion and acceptance that the Jewish community always champions.


We express our deepest concern about the rally being organized by white supremacists and anti-immigrant groups in Vancouver this coming Saturday. Let it be clear that we condemn in the most absolute terms the planned racist rally. Our community knows all too well that those who target minorities ultimately threaten society as a whole. There should be zero tolerance of any racist expressions in our society.


We must remember that Canada is not immune to the challenges of discrimination, hate, racism, xenophobia, homophobia and antisemitism; let us work together to ensure that everybody feels welcome and safe in our city.




Karen James
Board Chair, Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver


Jason Murray
Chair, Local Partner Council, Centre For Israel and Jewish Affairs