Federation Supports Training for Teenage Classroom Aides


One way the Federation Annual Campaign helps to support supplementary, or part-time, education programs is by providing training to the teenagers who work as classroom aides in the various Jewish education programs that we fund throughout the Lower Mainland.


Several times a year, community-wide training is held for these madrichim, who play a vital role in programs that serve hundreds of local families.


The training sessions are taught by local educator Lisa Pozin, who was herself a madricha as a teenager in Toronto and went on to become a Hebrew school teacher. Sessions cover topics like what it means to be a classroom assistant, how to manage a classroom and take initiative, how to plan lessons, and how to apply these new skills into the future.


Held at a variety of locations throughout the school year, including the JCC and synagogues, the program is designed to enable madrichim to continue their Jewish education in a way that is different than being just a student, to connect with other Jewish teens, and to learn the skills they’ll need to become supplementary school teachers after they graduate from high school.


We’re proud to support this training for our community’s youngest professionals, and look forward to the impact they’ll continue to have in our schools and greater community.