Introducing JWest!


The JCC site redevelopment project now has a name: JWest!

More than just a name, JWest is a new infrastructure of the heart, soul and spirit, reimagining Jewish life here, on the West Coast.

JWest is emblematic of a value that our organizations hold dear: planting for those who come after us.

The traditional Jewish Tree of Life (etz chaim) inspired us to look to British Columbia’s iconic Sitka Spruce, which starts from a tiny seed and grows stronger and taller as it reaches for the sky. This enduring symbol of growth represents the tremendous potential of this project and our community.

The higher we reach, the deeper our roots must be, and so it is with JWest. The shared vision for this project and what it will mean to us, to our children, and to the generations that follow is rooted in extensive community consultation.   

JWest is the single biggest project in the history of our community, and we expect it to be a legacy for everyone.

Its benefits will go far beyond the local Jewish community or residents of Vancouver. The JCC is already one of the most diverse community centres in the province, and JWest will have amenities for everyone across the region.

JWest is expected to result in a new 200,000 square foot state-of-the-art multigenerational JCC with new childcare spaces, more services for seniors, an expanded space for the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre, a new theatre and more. The new JCC is expected to continue to be a hub for more than 20 not-for-profit community organizations, as well as arts and cultural, aquatics, and fitness programs. 

King David High School is expected to move to a new, larger facility on the JWest site that will enable it to provide innovative academic programming options to even more students, securing its place as a leading-edge high school. With a playing field and all-day access to a full-size gymnasium, the school can fulfill its dream of providing first-class athletics and extra-curricular programming.

JWest is also expected to include residential towers that will be open to everyone and will include rental housing units offered at below market value.

As the lead partner organizations working to fulfill the shared vision of JWest, we know that we cannot make this vision a reality on our own.

From the start, we have acknowledged that JWest is a complex and ambitious project. It will take significant support from all levels of government, as well as from private donors, to bring it to life.

Last April, we were very pleased that the BC government committed $25 million for a new Jewish Community Centre (JWest construction phase one) and we are grateful for their support. During the last federal election, the Liberal Party of Canada and the Conservative Party of Canada both announced their intentions to match the provincial government’s contribution in the near future.

That said, there is still a long way to go.

Down the road, there will likely be a role for each of us to play—a seed we can plant to help JWest grow.

Until then, we invite you to learn more about JWest at and to watch and share this video, which will fill you with pride for the impact JWest will have on our community and indeed the entire region.

We would like to thank the JWest Marketing and Communications Committee of Rebecca Marstaller, Alvin Wasserman, and Al Szajman for their work on the development of the JWest brand.


Alvin Wasserman
Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver

Candace Kwitner
Board Chair
Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver

Diane Friedman and Alain Guez
King David High School
Eldad Goldfarb 
Executive Director
Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver

Ezra S. Shanken
Chief Executive Officer
Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver

Russ Klein
Head of School
King David High School