Jewish Federation Support for Community Organizations


We have been in regular contact with Jewish community organizations and are working closely with many of them to provide increased assistance as they respond to COVID-19.
Extended Deadline
We have extended the deadline for all partner organizations to apply for allocations from the Federation Annual Campaign.
New Security Considerations
Many organizations have closed their doors, including synagogues and schools. While some of them have moved to online delivery of programs, the closures of their facilities creates a new security situation. Our director of community security is assessing the needs of each institution that has closed, so we can provide appropriate direction and support to them. He has already notified VPD and RCMP of existing closures.
Changes to Events
Spring is when many organizations typically hold their fundraising events, and we are working with them to provide guidance and to better understand the impact of postponing or canceling these events.
Increased Need for Funds
We recognize that many of the changes organizations are grappling with will leave them in a situation where they require additional funding. Ultimately, there will be a part for each of us to play in addressing this to keep our community organizations financially healthy. For now, we are working with them to assess the impact.
A number of organizations have requested communications support, which we are providing to them.