Israel Judicial Reform Resources

Do you have concerns and questions about what is happening in Israel and what our Federation is doing? We have compiled resources to help you navigate the complex and evolving situation. 

This dynamic page offers curated resources to help you understand what is taking place on the ground in Israel, including extensive links to news articles, opinion pieces, and more. It is updated regularly. 



Our work is focused primarily on community planning, convening partners to facilitate innovation, and fundraising to address community needs in areas that reflect our Strategic Priorities, including critical social services, Jewish education, and more. When it comes to the political situation in Israel, here is where we are focused: 

Supporting Time to Talk 
Together with Montreal Toronto and other Canadian Federations we are supporting President Herzog’s TimeTo Talk initiative, which continues his important work facilitating dialogue among all groups in Israel. Read more here.  


Facilitating Dialogue 
We have met with many community members, including UnXceptable, who have expressed valuable insights and serious concerns, and shared these voices through our national and international networks. 

We have met with many community members, including UnXceptable, who have expressed valuable insights and serious concerns, and shared these voices through our national and international networks. 

Sending Leaders to Israel 
Leaders from our community have travelled to Israel in two separate missions to be part of the discussions and met face to face with elected officials. 

Connecting People with the Israeli Ambassador 
We facilitated access to the Ambassador of Canada to Israel for community members during her visit earlier this year. 
Opening Channels for Learning and Discussion 
We encourage community participation in opportunities, like the Israel at a Crossroads webinar, and we share them as they come up. 

Communicating with Community 
After the vote on judicial reform we sent this update to community. You can find more in our Shabbat Messages. Not on our list yet? Sign up here 

Supporting JFNA’s Actions 
The Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) represents more than 100 federated communities across the continent on international matters, including ours. See this dynamic page above for information on issues JFNA is following, including news, opinion, and statements.  


Webinar: Amidst Unprecedented Crises in Israel, Why is Now an Opportunity to Rebuild a Stronger, Healthier and More Stable Society?

Zoom webinar recording with Sarah Mali, Director General of Jewish Federations of Canada – UIA and Polly Bronstein, political activist, writer, and CEO and Founder of The One Hundred Initiative - a politically independent civil society organization that seeks to address the crises facing Israeli politics and society.



We continue to ensure that individuals and families living in our partnership region in Israel receive the critical social services and support they need. They are directly impacted by the deepened chasm in Israeli society and our commitment to them remains as strong as ever. At a time when they are experiencing so much uncertainly, our decades-long relationship brings an important measure of stability to their lives.  

  • Our connections with Israel and its residents run deep. We consider residents of our partnership region to be part of our community and our extended family.  
  • Our work in Israel is focused on improving the quality of life for residents in our Upper Galilee partnership region, a disadvantaged area in Northern Israel. Examples of our support include youth mental health services, food distribution to people in need, and support for a rape crisis centre.  
  • Our work in our partnership region transcends the politics of the day. Just like in Canada, our work in Israel continues regardless of the party or parties that form government. We do not fund political parties, the government, or the military in Canada or in Israel, and we do not fund the building of settlements.