Yesodot helps Ethiopian children achieve personal and academic success in Israel.

Working with children from pre-school through grade 12, the program focuses on five key areas. The first, preparation for grade one, offers twice-weekly classes led by a kindergarten teacher, so that children who arrive in Israel with little or no schooling are better prepared for the classroom. The second, Mazofim, ensures students reach their grade level in Hebrew and math by creating customized educational programs. The third pairs students with tutors to assist with their homework, organize social activities and provide ongoing support. The fourth, year-long Bar/Bat Mitvah programs, encourage Jewish learning, community involvement and volunteering. The fifth offers education-focused summer camps for Ethiopian children living in absorption centres.

Yesodot’s five areas of focus help ensure Ethiopian students have the academic and social foundations they need to thrive in their new life in Israel.

Funding from the Federation Annual Campaign makes it possible for the Jewish Agency for Israel to operate Yesodot at the Ayelet Hashachar Absorption Centre, in our partnership region in the Upper Galilee. More...