Tel Hai Academic College – Sidney Warren Science Education Centre

With about 3,500 students, Tel Hai Academic College is the largest employer in the region, and an anchor for many educational and social welfare initiatives. Along with our fellow Canadian Federations, Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver has supported many projects at Tel Hai over the years and works in partnership with the college on many fronts.

Tel Hai plays a particularly important role in the management of the Young Adult Centre in the region, which is focused on attracting and retaining young adults to live and work in the North, helping them access higher education and employment opportunities, and expanding social activities for the population. The Young Adult Centre is one of the projects sponsored by our Partnership2Gether relationship in the Upper Galilee.

Tel Hai is also home to the Sidney Warren Science Education Centre. Opened in 2010, the centre is one of the major projects implemented in our partnership region as a result of the 2006 Israel Emergency Campaign. It is a regional resource for excellence in science education, and works to improve teaching and student experiences in high schools throughout the eastern Galilee. More...