Your Member of Parliament is your representative to the national government of Canada.  



There are varying levels of support of the Jewish community from federal parties and their Members of Parliament.  


  1. You can find out who your Member of Parliament is, and their contact information, here: 


  1. Decide if you would like to try to meet them in person or in writing 


  1. A word of caution: some MPs harbour challenging opinions. You are not going to change them, so if your MP is one of them, we strongly recommend sending a letter rather than asking for an in-person meeting 


  1. If you choose to engage – in writing or in person – your actions will reflect on the community as a whole: please stay polite and calm, speak about any relevant personal experiences, and ensure everything you share is factual.  


  1. If you are unsure where to start, use the key messages in the beginning of this document to engage (whether sending a letter or in a meeting). 


  1. You can also refer to CIJA’s Action Centre for more information on the latest issues. 


  1. If you have chosen to engage, please let us know – email AICRT at