MLAs are your provincial representative. In Canada, provinces have jurisdiction over things like health care, education, resource policy and transportation and infrastructure.


We are lucky to have considerable support from B.C. MLAs. The best thing you can do to support the Jewish community is to thank your local MLA.



All four BC parties have been relatively supportive of Israel and the community – as much as can be expected for some and amazing support for others. We want to encourage MLAs to stay the course.  
What is useful right now is not meeting with them, but sending them messages of support. We are suggesting you send an email or more formal letter to your MLA thanking them.  


  1. Find your BC MLA by entering your postal code here: 


  1. Consider including the following in your letter: 

  • Ensure you include your first name, last name and address so they know you are a constituent. Adding a telephone number is nice but not necessary 
  • Add a personal detail about yourself if you feel comfortable – that you are Jewish, how long you have lived in the riding, something about your family history if relevant 

  • Thank them for British Columbia’s leadership: 

  • Recent announcement to make Holocaust education mandatory in Grade 10  
  • The new fund for community security infrastructure grants for organizations facing hate 
  • Their party’s principled position on the Israel-Hamas conflict, something you hope they continue 
  • Conclude by thanking them again 


  1. Other consideration: 
    Letters can be delivered by traditional mail or email. Do not necessarily expect a response given the huge volume of correspondence MLAs receive. Please keep the language positive and friendly. 


  1. If you have sent a letter, let AICRT know – send an email to