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Ruth Wasserman Lande

Realizing Israel’s Potential, One Town at a Time


A respected Mid-East expert and former advisor to Shimon Peres z”l, Ruth Wasserman Lande rose through the ranks at the Israeli Embassy in Egypt.


Now she’s transforming a Bedouin village into a model for Israeli society, which she sees as an expression of her Zionism. The initiative aims to have a real and long lasting impact upon Israeli society. Within this initiative, one may find values pertaining to co-existence and the incorporation of Israel's minorities into mainstream society, particularly those who contribute to the security of the country, as do the Bedouins in the North of Israel.


The initiative aims to create a blueprint or model that can be used in other similar areas to create incentives for other minorities. Furthermore, it encourages investment and enhancement of Israel's periphery, as well as urban economic development. Finally, it is done in partnership and collaboration with the local leadership, the central government, the third sector, as well as the community at large.

Watch Ruth Wasserman Lande on BBC World News: