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Rachel Sumekh

Empowering Students to End Hunger on Campus


Four in ten university students are food insecure (Maclean’s). While it might surprise you to hear that, it likely wouldn’t surprise Rachel Sumekh. As the founder and CEO of Swipe Out Hunger, Rachel and her team enable university students to donate the unused points from their meal plans to feed their struggling peers.


Swipe Out Hunger began when a handful of students used their meal plan points to buy sandwiches that they delivered to people in need around town. After just a few months they partnered with UCLA to help students to donate more than 1,000 meals. To date they have served 1.3 million meals at 30 universities and counting. Rachel’s work recently landed her on the 2017 Forbes 30 Under 30 list.


Not only is Rachel doing incredible work in the area of food security, she is among a growing group of Millennials who are taking active leadership roles today and shaping our Jewish communities of tomorrow.