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Rabbi Joseph Telushkin

Tzedakah is not Charity


It is not often we get to hear from one of the most distinguished Jewish figures of our time. Known for making Jewish knowledge accessible, Rabbi Telushkin is author of the best-selling book, Jewish Literacy, and one of Talk magazine’s top 50 speakers. Witty, warm and wise, Rabbi Telushkin will leave you inspired.


His monumental work, A Code of Jewish Ethics: You Shall Be Holy, is a comprehensive presentation of Jewish teachings on the vital topic of personal character and integrity. Richard Joel, president of Yeshiva University, called the book, "a gift to humankind," and Rabbi David Wolpe hailed it "as a remarkable guide to goodness."


He has also written Jewish Humor: What the Best Jewish Jokes Say About the Jews. Larry Gelbart, author of Mash and Tootsie said, "I don't know if Jews are really the chosen people, but I think Joseph Telushkin's book makes a strong argument that we're the funniest."

Rabbi Telushkin on How Humor Informs Jewish Culture:


Rabbi Telushkin on Gratitude: