Be part of the simcha and join our community song video!


Following last year’s success, this year’s community song is Salaam.


Whether you like singing in the shower or singing loudly in your car, be a part of our Yom Ha'atsmaut celebrations by being a part of the community song!


So, let us SING together! Just take a video of yourself singing our version of Salaam. Feel free to DANCE and add props as well. IT’S YOUR TIME TO SHINE! 


It's simple. Follow the instructions below and upload the video after filming it.


Deadline to submit your videos: March 31, 2022.


Your video, along with others, will be combined in a Kululam-style video and shown at Jewish Federation’s Yom Ha’atzmaut celebration on May 4 th, 2022.


If you require any assistance, feel free to reach out Aluma Zweifler at



How should I record and film the song?


  • Only Record Your Voice
    Do not include the music. Your voice must be the only thing that is heard in the recording. We recommend listening to the song in your headphones/earbuds of the same device. It will help you remember the words and keep the tempo.
  • Lighting
    Make sure that bright light is on you and not behind you (the camera is backing to the light source. You should be the brighter object in the picture).
  • Quiet Environment
    No loud background noise.
  • Record in Landscape/Horizontal Orientation 
    If you are recording from your phone, use landscape mode (hold horizontally Like a TV screen, not vertically). Make sure to stabilize your device on a table or shelf. 
  • Record in 1080 HD format
    In the recording settings of your phone, please select HD Format or 1920x1080.

How to submit my video?

First, check your recording to verify we can see and hear you. Once you checked your video, you can  upload the video by clicking here or the upload button.


Supporting Materials

Please download the support materials. The file contains the following:



Community Song 2021

Watch last year's community song here.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to know how to sing?

No. This is a fun activity and we want you to be a part of it! You can sing or lip sync the words or mention in the email you send us a request not to use your audio. Just have fun while making your video!


Do I have to sing the whole song?

You can choose whichever part you like to sing. It can be a sentence, a verse, etc.


Can I dance and use props?

Of course! Feel free to add props, Israel flags, dress in blue and white. You can even use a broom as your guitar and freestyle with the song! Just make sure we could hear your singing.


Can I record it with my family?

Yes, Yes and Yes. The more the merrier.


How do I check the sound?

You can check your sound by filming for five seconds and then watch the video and check for any excessive background noises (car noise from outside or a working machine). If you do have some excessive background noise - check how you can minimize it. Then, record yourself speaking and check that your recording is clear.


Is this a different version than the original?

Yes. We have prepared a new and exciting version of the Salaam song for our festivities this year. We recommend listening to the music twice before recording and practicing before you start recording.


Which audio version should I choose?

There are two versions: one with lyrics and one with just the soundtrack. We recommend using the one with the lyrics to help you keep tempo. However, you should choose the version that works best for you.


What should be my background?

Try to find a suitable background for your video. If you do not have a "suitable" background, try to use a clean and solid background.


Yom Ha'atzmaut 2022


Join us on May 4th at the Vogue Theatre for the celebration of Israel’s 74th birthday! This year’s special event will include performances by special guest artists and community groups.