Community Recovery Fund


The Community Recovery Fund was established by Jewish Federation to address the unparalleled impacts of COVID-19 across our community. This special fund is designed to complement monies raised through the Annual Campaign, which allow Jewish Federation to provide annual funding to support programs and services offered by our local partner agencies.


To help steer the recovery process, Jewish Federation has created the Community Recovery Task Force, whose purpose is to assist in developing a strategic long-term response to the pandemic on local Jewish community life. The task force is undertaking a rigorous process to determine the effects  of COVID-19 across the community, and is presently interviewing partner agencies, day schools and synagogues as well as those community members who access their services and have been directly affected.


The task force will then set priorities for the distribution of proceeds from the Community Recovery Fund, which will be presented to the Jewish Federation Board for review.


Through the fund, Jewish Federation will be able to direct funding to specific, targeted needs within the local community. The fund is not intended to support organizations’ ongoing operations, but rather to help them serve their constituents in new, more robust ways that will enhance their capacity and future sustainability. It may also be used to address unique financial challenges attributable to the pandemic. 


The goal is to help ensure organizations’ vitality and viability, both during this turbulent time and for the long-term. All funds will remain in the local community.