25 2018

The Interpreter - Vancouver Jewish Film Festival

4:00PM - 5:55PM  

Kay Meek Studio Theatre 1700 Mathers Ave
West Vancouver, BC V7V 2G7

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Der Dolmetscher

An 80-year-old translator comes across a book written by a former SS officer recounting his war experiences in Slovakia. He realises that one of the chapters may well describe his own parents’ execution. And so he sets off to Vienna to look for the SS man. But once there, the only person he encounters is the man’s 70-year-old son. Oscillating between comedy and tragedy, Martin Šulík’s road movie focuses on two men weighed down by the unresolved conflicts that have plagued their lives who are now trying to free themselves from this oppressive burden. Gradually, these two very different men begin to warm to each other and together, they discover a country that would prefer to forget about its past.