26 2016

The Geoffrey & Myriam Glotman Food For Thought Clubs, Thursdays (to Aug 26)

12:55PM - 1:30PM  

St. George's School 4175 W. 29th Avenue
Vancouver, BC

Contact Alana Mizrahi

The Food for Thought club is a multicultural club for students at local high schools to learn, debate, and share.

The Club meets once a week. All students are welcome to attend.
Through a guided exploration of the Jewish ethics, the club brings a more meaningful perspective to all of life’s ups and downs. The lessons touch on a wide range of topics, but they always have one thing in common: they facilitate intellectual and thoughtful debates of relevant issues and encourage the students to think morally and honestly.
The club is fun and interactive and, of course, there is great (kosher) food! There is no charge.

Look for us at your school, or contact Rabbi Shmulik at (604)780-5878 or Levi at (604) 441-4770