18 2017

International Holocaust Remembrance Day Commemoration

7:00PM - 8:30PM  

Norman Rothstein Theatre, Jewish Community Centre 950 West 41st Avenue

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The UN General Assembly designated January 27 — the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau — as International Holocaust Remembrance Day. On this annual day of commemoration, the UN urges every member state to honour the victims of the Nazi era and to develop educational programs to help prevent future genocides. The United Nations strives to remind the world of the lessons to be learned from the Holocaust so as to help prevent future acts of genocide.
Keynote address will be delivered by, Dr. Mark Celinscak, Department of History, University of Nebraska Omaha.
Celinscak was awarded the best non-fiction work at the 2016 Vine Awards for Canadian Jewish literature for his new book 'Distance from the Belsen Heap'.
'Distance from the Belsen Heap' examines the experiences of hundreds of British and Canadian eyewitnesses to atrocity, including war artists, photographers, medical personnel, and chaplains.

Sponsor: VHEC & Norman Rothstein Theatre