22 2014

Opening of the Carl Lutz and the Legendary Budapest Glass House Exhibition

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

VHEC #50, 950 West 41st Avenue

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By issuing tens of thousands of protective letters (Schutzbriefe) to Hungarian Jews desperate to escape the Nazis, and establishing safe houses around Budapest, Swiss Vice-Consul Carl Lutz (1895-1975) helped save the lives of 62,000 Jews during the Holocaust. Among the safe houses was the now well-known 'Glass House' (Uveghaz), an old industrial building at 29 Vadasz Street. Thanks to Lutz, Budapest’s “Glass House” became a centre of protection to Jews in Hungary in 1944, with approximately 3,000 Jews finding refuge there and in a neighbouring building. Since 2005, the Glass House has operated as a museum, documenting the history of Lutz and his activities. www.vhec.org