5 2014


19 2014

To Be a Jew in the Free World

7:30PM - 9:00PM  

Chabad of Richmond 200-4775 Blundell Road
Richmond, BC
604-277-6427 info@chabadrichmond.com

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?What was it like for our ancestors to say goodbye to the shtetl, to set out to discover new lives for themselves, along with all of the liberties the free world had to offer? At the dawn of the enlightenment, how did our parents adapt their Judaism to the developments of a modern age? And what can we learn from their struggles to connect deeply with our own Jewish identities? ?This new course will give you the opportunity to make sense of your personal Jewishness; it will help you overcome perceived incompatibilities between Judaism and modern society; and it will provide you with the clarity and conviction to pass on a legacy of Jewish pride to the next generation. http://www.ChabadRichmond.com/JLI