10 2014

Breakthrough: Innovative Models Transforming Lives

7:00PM - 7:30PM  

Temple Sholom 7190 Oak Street
Vancouver, BC
604-266-7190 aron@nifcan.org

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On Tuesday, June 10th, at 7pm, the New Israel Fund of Canada – a group dedicated to economic justice, human rights, religious pluralism, and women’s rights – will be hosting two speakers who are involved with innovative models for community support: Itamar Hamiel will be joining us from Israel where he helps lead a breakthrough organization called Mahapach-Taghir that works with recent Russian immigrants, Bedouins, marginalized members of the religious Jewish community, and Arab-Israelis across Israel. Mahapach funds first-time community students who then come back to their villages and jump start programs specific to their village’s needs, everything from public health to literacy to environmental cleanup efforts. We’re delighted to feature a local counterpart in innovative community building as a parallel to the work being done in Israel. Lindsay Vander Hoek of Mission Possible will be present to describe her organization’s work with residents of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Mission Possible not only provides street-level care for those in need, they also help individuals regain a sense of dignity, stability, and purpose through their programs that help DTES residents rejoin the workforce. The Jewish scholar Maimonides writes, “The greatest level of charity: to support others in order to strengthen their hands until they need no longer be dependent upon others . . .” Although coming out of different sets of values and different countries, both Mahapach-Taghir and Mission Possible accomplish their missions through a ground-up approach, working with community members to help them become their own agents of social change. Thanks to Temple Sholom, for hosting this event. The event is open to everyone, regardless of background or affiliations. Although the event is free, space is limited. Please register here to reserve a spot at the event: https://www.nifcan.org/our-events/upcoming/ And check out the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/734755456576759/?ref=22