Input was sought from a wide cross-section of community stakeholders, partner agencies, communal professionals, volunteers and donors. Through the use of community conversations, participants provided their ideas and dreams regarding Jewish Federation’s role over the next 10 years in three key areas: Federation as funder, Federation as facilitator, and Federation as fundraiser.



Jewish Federation’s role as a provider of consistent, predictable funding for our partner agencies was clearly acknowledged. Through our conversations we heard that community stakeholders want to learn more about the allocations process and how we determine funding priorities. They also want to see more flexibility and more opportunities to access funding outside of the allocations cycle. At the same time, community stakeholders want Jewish Federation to provide solid stewardship, and to ensure that community funds are effectively used to meet the diverse and complex needs of our growing community.



  • Deliver an annual report to the community on allocations and funded programs.
  • Initiate a new start-up grant to foster innovation in Jewish education.
  • Provide seed funds to strengthen informal grass roots initiatives that address emerging community needs.



Jewish Federation’s role as facilitator and the address for central planning was recognized. Through our conversations we heard that community stakeholders want more involvement in the planning process and want to ensure that we engage and include a broader range of community members in our planning activities. Strengthening our regional communities, embracing different population groups, and attracting the next generation were identified as key areas for us to focus on.



  • Convene a regional communities task force to develop a viable and sustainable action plan for these communities.
  • Coordinate community-wide security and emergency planning initiatives.
  • Continue to proactively seek out diverse representation of community members to participate in Jewish Federation’s planning processes.



Jewish Federation’s role as our community’s central fundraising organization with increasingly sophisticated and professional approaches was affirmed. Our conversations indicated a significant interest in building on that strength by further positioning Jewish Federation as the centre for Jewish philanthropy in our community — to create and facilitate opportunities to engage current donors, new donors and the next generation. Community financial resources should be developed collaboratively with partner agencies, and presented to donors to align their philanthropic interests with clearly identified community priorities. A donor-centric approach with an emphasis on donor development, appreciation, and acknowledgement is critical to successful fundraising going forward.



  • Convene community partners to create a strategic and viable plan that identifies current and future needs and funding priorities.
  • Develop new opportunities to engage donors and community members based on their philanthropic areas of interest.
  • Engage young adult community members in the creation of philanthropic opportunities that reflect their generational values.


Next Steps


Guided by these discoveries, along with the National Household Survey data for the Lower Mainland community and the findings from the Jewish Education Task Force, the Jewish Federation board and senior management team will be finalizing our strategic plan for 2020 and beyond. Donors, community members, and partner agencies will learn more about our implementation strategies in the months to come. Our Jewish Federation has gone from strength to strength. Together we can go from strength to excellence.