• Alberta Wildfire Emergency Relief Fund

    There are 100+ active wildfires across Alberta, and maps show almost the entire province engulfed in smoke including the major populations centres of Calgary and Edmonton. Our partner federations in these cities are working with the Red Cross, which has agreed to triple your gift until June 2, 2023.

  • Strategic Priorities

    Jewish Federation’s strategic priorities reflect the needs of our community and are revised and updated through community collaboration as needs evolve and grow.

  • The Honourary Patron of Jewish Federation

    Jewish Federation is under The Honourary Patronage of the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, The Honourable Janet Austin.

  • BeYachadBC

    If you arrived in Canada within the last three years, BeyachadBC is here to engage and empower you and other newcomers with social and cultural programs to ease your way in the community.

  • Shabbat Message

    Sent every Friday. With his warm, personal tone, our CEO, Ezra S. Shanken, makes it easy to keep up with the most important issues and events in our community.

  • PJ Library

    PJ Library sends free, award-winning books that celebrate Jewish values and culture to families with children 6 months through 8 years old.